Value Addition

Value Addition

It’s a tough job to survive in today’s highly competitive IT outsourcing realm. The market is so price sensitive that a few bucks here and there can tip the scales of competition. But for a decade now, Radix has stood tall and earned a reputation of being a niche IT outsourcing vendor who doesn’t believe in price war. Now, how did we manage to do this? How have we won the hearts of our clients without compromising on cost or quality? Or more so, how do we differentiate ourselves from run-of-the-mill Drupal development service providers? We attribute our success to something called value added Drupal development.

So what is the value addition in our Drupal development?

Customized Efforts
We customize our development efforts and align them to your project’s scope and business model. Our development efforts are backed by strong business logic and driven by precise business objective.

Delivery Approach
We believe that coding and programming is not our only responsibility in a project. We adopt a solution centric approach wherein we see to it that a project is successfully delivered. We are not only developers for your project. We are also the consultants of technology.

We maintain an in-house project management portal that stores the details of resources assigned to a project, their schedules, their development efforts, revisions, etc. This makes our costing highly transparent and removes all ambiguities and possibilities of hidden costs.

We have adopted security procedures that are equivalent to BS7799 standard to protect our clients’ intellectual properties. The ownership rights to the source code and the data generated during the development process vest with our clients. We also do not hesitate to enter into NDA contracts if demanded by our clients.

Requirement Gathering
We carry out an in-depth requirement gathering session with our clients through web conferences and IP calls. This helps us better understand what our clients are exactly looking for. This understanding then becomes the foundation for determining the development efforts and cost estimation.

Project Management
We follow a milestone based project management system for client projects. Under this system we set weekly, fortnightly, and monthly targets. We compare the progress made and the targets set and address any impending mismatches. This way we can keep our development process on track.

Product Add-ons
We do not bind and limit ourselves to delivering only the final solution to our clients. We also make it a point to provide add-ons like elaborate feature lists, mockups, prototypes, and online demos with detailed admin walkthroughs to our clients.

Data Backup
We carry out offsite data backup of complete enterprise data on fortnightly basis as part of our disaster recovery policy. We back up development environments, code, database, and documents to mitigate force majeure risks.

Isolated Development
We carry out development, testing, and deployment of solutions in a virtualized server environment that is secured by firewall. The source code of client projects is maintained under version control systems.

Minimum Commitment
We have HR policies in place that bind our Drupal developers with a minimum commitment period. Thus, we are better positioned to lower resource turnover risk and enhance project stability.

Confidentiality Contracts
Our Drupal developers are bound by a confidentiality contract which prevents them from disclosing your project specifications. Thus, there is a reduced risk of any business critical information getting poached or unethically traded. If required by the client, Radix can also enter into confidentiality contracts for non-disclosure of information.

Training Standards
Our developers receive highest level of training imparted directly by our partner networks like Microsoft and Adobe. Given that we are certified by Microsoft, Adobe, Intel, and D&B our developers have access to the latest software development kits for development purposes.

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