Offshore Dedicated Hiring Models

Offshore Dedicated Hiring Models

Offshore dedicated Drupal developers model is designed for those clients who have ongoing development requirements and would like to have an offshore development facility set up. Our Drupal offshore hiring models allow hiring an offshore development team to operate like an in-house team or are interested in an offshore captive centre.

Hire Dedicated Drupal developers with Drupal Offshore Hiring Model

We recommend this model to clients who are looking to hire a dedicated team for their advanced Drupal development project. Under our offshore dedicated Drupal developers model, you can have a quasi in-house development team. This team can be a meaningful offshore extension of your business. You can hire an entire team of technically sound and certified Drupal developers to work on your project at your convenient work hours. Under the offshore dedicated hiring Drupal, you can get support for your software engineering or development. Moreover, you can train the developers as per your project requirements. This model is ideal for projects that demand growth of ongoing development team, require detailed R&D, and involve product development, system maintenance, and enhancement.

Benefits of Drupal Offshore Hiring Model

  • Undiluted control over the development process.
  • Availability of cutting edge technical infrastructure and communication facilities.
  • Offshore setup opening up the possibilities of shift overlapping and 24×7 programming.
  • Monthly billing leaving no space for hidden charges.
  • Retain the rights to intellectual property, source code, and data generated during the process.
  • Flexibility to change the team’s size and skillset midway at no addition overhead cost.
  • Reduced risk and increased return on investment.

Infrastructure Support for Drupal Offshore Hiring Models

  • Redundant Internet Connectivity with Lease Lines
  • SVN Code Versioning
  • Direct Communication Lines
  • Network Administration and System Maintenance
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Local Linux Server for Development
  • Proper Data Backup
  • Dual Core Machines
  • Remote Linux Server for Client Testing
  • 2GB RAM
  • Local Linux Server for Development

Advantages of Custom Offshore Dedicated Drupal Developers Model

  • Governance of staff selection and resource hiring process.
  • Tight security policies and remote monitoring of premises through CCTV cameras.
  • Retain the ownership of intellectual property.
  • Get the source code of your application.
  • Enjoy dedicated network and office infrastructure.

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