Hiring Models

Hiring Model

Research shows that development hiring models in IT outsourcing not only impact business strategies but also profitability. This makes it all the more important that you pick and choose a hiring model that best suits your business. But what if you don’t get it right the first time? What if you adopt one hiring model and then realize that it does not meet your requirements? Or more so what if due to unforeseen events you are required to change your hiring model?

A lot of ifs but no concrete answers, right? You can find the answers to all these questions at Radix. At Radix, we offer you a variety of hiring models to choose from. You can hire Drupal developers for your project based on the professional and technical credentials of the developers. You get to decide your development team’s composition, the expertise level of the team, and their working pattern. In addition to this freedom, we have strategies, trade practices, operational processes, and policies in place to assist you in hiring appropriate Drupal developers.

Our in-house talent pool consists of seasoned Drupal developers as well as freshly acquired talent for different kinds of development. Every single developer is deployed on a development team only after mapping out his suitability to business requirements, budget limitations, and expertise level. But we always insist that an ideal team should have young talent guided by seasoned experience for the sake of “controlled innovation”.

But to place a cherry on top, we allow our clients to enjoy hiring model flexibility. What it implies is that you do not get stuck with your hiring model irrespective of circumstances. You can change your hiring model midway of the development process if required. You can change the project scope, project priorities, and project model – all part of our agile development practices.

At Radix, we aim to simplify hiring Drupal programmers and developers for our clients.

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