Hire Flex Developer

Hire Flex Developer

Day by day, the demand for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) is increasing at a steady pace. The online users are no longer satisfied with Plain Jane applications. They are seeking the thrill provided by dynamic and chic applications. But these applications besides being attractive should also hold business value. You can hire Flex developers from Radix to develop RIAs that are not just eye candy but also support your revenue channel.

We do understand that when you hire Flex developers there are other things that matter – the most important being reliability of the service provider and the developers. The following points can prove our worth.

Early Adopters of Flex: When the industry was still trying to come to terms with Flex, Radix had already adopted it and started R&D over it. As a result, today we have a highly valued knowledge base managed by our talented Flex developers.

Adobe Solution Partner: Radix is certified as an Adobe Solution Partner. This gives our Flex developers access to all the latest software development kits (SDKs) announced and released by Adobe in Flex product line. Thus, you can hire Flex developers from Radix to use the latest web services, drag and drop features, modal dialogs, animation effects, and more.

Interactivity & Scalability: Our Flex developers can develop highly interactive and scalable RIAs using powerful coding tools and visual component library of Flex. These applications possess quite rich features like video streaming, audio streaming, and messaging functions. These applications are also compatible across variety of platforms.

Redesign & Enhancement: In addition to solution development, our Flex developers also hold a reputation for redesigning and enhancing Flex applications. They can further integrate Flex applications with high performance data synchronization servers.

Proven Development Range: Having been in the realm of Flex application development for more than a decade now, our Flex developers have quite an impressive development portfolio to boast of.

You can hire Flex developers from us to develop

  • Networking and communication solutions
  • Business systems
  • Statistics based applications
  • Video and audio messaging systems
  • Text messaging solutions
  • CRM and ERP systems
  • Custom solutions
  • Photo galleries and interactive graphs
  • Report generating applications
  • Web portals and shopping carts

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