Fixed Cost Hiring Model

Fixed Cost Hiring Model

When a project is smaller in scale and involves simple functionality development, it’s possible to define development scope with detailed specifications. For such projects we have the Fixed Cost hiring model in place. With fixed cost hiring model Drupal, you can enjoy a feature rich Drupal development with your well defined and specified requirements.

Fixed Cost Hiring Model Drupal For Defined Development Scopes

Under the fixed cost hiring model Drupal, we establish scopes of development efforts on the basis of defined contract price and other obligations. Our Drupal developers start working on your fixed cost Drupal development hiring projects once you clear the upfront payment. This hiring model is recommended to those clients who have predefined project scopes with clear vision of final output and features of the end solution.

Fixed Cost Hiring Package of Drupal Development Team

Under Drupal fixed cost hiring, our technical team creates a roadmap of solution development. By using the defined project specifications, they provide estimation of development and execution efforts. Our fixed cost hiring model Drupal determines total cost of the project based on this estimation. Hire Drupal developers from us who use this effort estimation to define a delivery date for the project. Our Drupal developers divide development process into different phases making t easier for you to track each phase closely.

Benefits of Drupal Fixed Cost Hiring

  • You can mitigate the project risks.
  • Build a well designed development for your project.
  • Get a definite delivery date that legally binds both the parties to meet the project deadlines.
  • The project development cost can be calculated upfront doing away with all ambiguities.
  • The development team has quantified development efforts estimation.

Go For Fixed Cost Drupal Development Hiring Projects Under Following Circumstances

  • Project has detailed development plan with strategic milestones.
  • Technology involved in the project development is fairly established in the market.
  • Project efforts are predictable and quantifiable.
  • The market for the solution is pretty stable with no recorded volatilities.
  • Project is short lived and can be wrapped up within 3-4 months.

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