Who are you guys and where are you located?

Radixweb is a decade old IT outsourcing company. We have our headquarters in Ahmedabad, India and a representative office in California, US.

Do you have your own development centre or do you sub-contract projects?

What kind of development work do you undertake at this centre?

If I want to hire Drupal developers from you, how do I do it?

How much time does a Drupal developer take to get started on my project once I sign the contract and clear the initial payment?

What is a kickoff meeting?

Since you are based in India, which language will your Drupal developers use to communicate with me?

What shall be the tenure of my contract?

If I hire a Drupal developer from you, will he be dedicated to my project only?

What payment mode do you accept for the hiring process?

What will be my setup cost for the contract?

Do you have some sort of price list for Drupal developers?

How can I communicate with my hired Drupal developers and issue working orders?

But what happens if I am not happy with the performance of my hired developer?

And what happens if my assigned Drupal developer takes a day off or goes on a vacation or even quits?

I am a bit worried about my business data getting poached or misused. Do you have any measures in place to safeguard my project specifications and intellectual property?

Do your Drupal developers have any added advantage other than technical proficiency?

There are other firms out there who are offering Drupal developers for hire at cheaper rates. Then why should I go ahead with your company?

Can I know who your clients are?

You might have the expertise at your end for my project. But are you well equipped in terms of infrastructure?

Do I owe any bonus or performance appraisal increment to the hired Drupal developers?

What is the minimum and maximum number of Drupal developers I can hire from you?

Do I get to see some previous work done by the developers I intend to hire?

If I intend to have an ODT setup with you, how quickly can you assemble a team for me?

What would be your team selection process? Can I participate in this process?

I know my project is going to require long-term engagement. But I am still not sure about your technical excellence and service levels. Can you arrange some sort of test run for me?

But I am also worried about the implementation part. Would you guys be able to handle it from an offshore centre?

And what about the source code produced by this team? Who will own it?

If I wish to make a personal visit at your development centre can I do that?

If midway through the development process I realize that I do not have the right size of team can I add or remove resources from the team?

What would be the terms and conditions of your contract?

You do allow contract renewal, right?

And what are the terms for contract termination?

Do you provide technical support and maintenance?

Is testing and deployment included in the hiring agreement?

And how often will I be reported about the progress of my project?

How much cost savings can you project for me if I outsource my development requirements to you?

And can I get a Non-Disclosure Agreement from you?

What other resources, other than Drupal developers, can I hire from you?

To hire custom Drupal developers or to know more about custom Drupal development.